Please note that we no longer offer Searchbox as a hosted solution. We now offer it as an open-source software. Please check our github repository for the searchbox-framework. We continue to offer our Solr plugins.

Searchbox | Search solutions for enterprises

Enterprise Search Engine as a Service

Hosted & Customizable Search Framework and plugins for Solr

Super-charge your search project with a fully-packaged cloud-based search solution.

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Searchbox-Plugins for Solr

Enhance your existing Apache Solr search engine with the Searchbox-Plugins.

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Why for your organization?

Connector Framework

We provide a powerful connector framework supporting XML, JSON, CSV, PDF, Filesystems and others. Searchbox also connects to your existing search repository including Apache Solr and Elastic Search.

Search Experience

Are your expecting the best from your search solution? With Searchbox, leverage cutting-edge search features (live search, spell-checking, query suggestion) together with blazing speed and performance.

Semantic Technology

Powered by semantic technology, Searchbox provides advanced semantic capabilities including: automatic interlinking of documents based on meaning, semantic search and auto-categorization.

Software-as-a-Service is packaged as a self-service software-as-a-service solution, removing the hassle of hosting, maintenance and complex configurations and optimizations. Sit-back, relax, and enjoy your Searchbox!

Online Demos - Solr Plugins and Searchbox examples