Please note that we no longer offer Searchbox as a hosted solution. We now offer it as an open-source software. Please check our github repository for the searchbox-framework. We continue to offer our Solr plugins.

Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Solr

In this blog post, extending from our two previous slideshares on how to develop search components and request handlers, we’ll teach you how to directly embed Stanford’s NER library into a production ready plugin which provides all of the mentioned benefits. We of course provide the full source code packaging here. I prefer to start […]

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Enterprise search – Big Data

Yesterday, we took part in the Big Data Conference organized by Alliance at EPFL. Searchbox was invited as a speaker due to the fact that our expertise of enterprise search is a way to leverage big data. The event was quite a success with over 120 participants. The presentation embedded at the bottom of the […]

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Developing a Request Handler For Solr

In our previous blog post, Developing a Solr plugin we discussed the different types of plugins available for Solr. Additionally, we provided a slideshare and sample source code for a Search Component. This time around we provide the slide share and source code for making a Solr Request Handler. Request handlers are used to provide […]

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Developing a Solr Plugin

For our flagship product,, we strive to bring the most cutting-edge technologies to our users. As we’ve mentioned in earlier blog posts, we rely heavily on Solr and Lucene to provide the framework for these functionalities. The nice thing about the Solr framework is that it allows for easy development of plugins which can […]

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Solr 4.2 vs Solr 4.1 – Compressed Term Frequency Vectors

Searchbox is a huge user of Solr based technologies, so we always get really excited when there is a new release. With Solr 4.2 being released we spotted a few features which we were especially keen to test out. For example, since we tend to push the computational power of Solr for some of our […]

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New Opportunity-Finder is now available! Based on

The Opportunity-Finder prototype, developed by Euresearch and powered by Searchbox technology, was launched in October 2012 and has generated positive interest and feedback among National Contact Points (NCP) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) members. Searchbox and Euresearch are happy to announce a major technical upgrade to the Opportunity-Finder which will provide users with a […]

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solr revolution

How to make a simple cheap high availability self-healing Solr cluster

Our proposal “How to make a simple cheap high availability self-healing Solr cluster” has just been accepted to Lucene/Solr Revolution 2013! Stéphane Gamard, Searchbox CTO will showcase how to make a high availability Solr cloud with 4.1 using only Solr. We’re looking forward to attending and contributing to the biggest open source conference dedicated to […]

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Searchbox-Sense is released!

Searchbox is proud to present the release of Searchbox-Sense: a free semantic plugin for Solr! In under 5 minutes, our plugin adds conceptual search, i.e. the ability to find documents by description as opposed to solely keywords. This innovative approach, proved many times in academia to be more efficient at information retrieval as opposed to […]

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Debiopharm Group invests in Searchbox

“The entrepreneurial experience and success of our investors inspire and motivate us to go beyond our limits. This is reflected in our team, our ambition and in the development of the Searchbox product,” says Nicolas Gamard, CEO of Searchbox. “Having grown out of numerous exchanges with several companies, Searchbox helps businesses to connect with and […]

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Opportunity-Finder: access European R&D funding!

The Opportunity-Finder provides a unique platform in Europe enabling access to public funding information such as individual open research grants from the 7th Framework Program and research partnership opportunities. It suits the need of NCP and EEN members, who need a quick and efficient access to all of these information sources. Furthermore, the semantic technology […]

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