Please note that we no longer offer Searchbox as a hosted solution. We now offer it as an open-source software. Please check our github repository for the searchbox-framework. We continue to offer our Solr plugins.

New Opportunity-Finder is now available! Based on

The Opportunity-Finder prototype, developed by Euresearch and powered by Searchbox technology, was launched in October 2012 and has generated positive interest and feedback among National Contact Points (NCP) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) members. Searchbox and Euresearch are happy to announce a major technical upgrade to the Opportunity-Finder which will provide users with a much improved search experience. Check-out the latest version of the Opportunity-Finder at and give us feedbacks!


What has changed since the first version launched in October 2012?

The Opportunity-Finder is running on powered by a powerful front-end framework developed in Grails and leveraging Apache Solr 4.1 (for more information To put it simply, it’s blazing fast and scalable. A search through the entire repository is done within a few milliseconds, and navigating through results feels absolutely flawless. also proposes an interesting list of search features out-of-the box including live search (updates the result set in real-time), query-completion, spell-checker and query correction. The objective is to give users a search experience which comes as close as possible to the mainstream web-search tools they’ve become accustomed to. User’s expectations regarding the search experience are constantly increasing – we’ve recognised this and have updated the Opportunity-Finder accordingly.


About the Opportunity-Finder and Searchbox*

The Opportunity-Finder provides a unique platform in Europe enabling access to public funding information such as individual research grants from the 7th Framework Program and research partnership opportunities. It suits the need of NCP and EEN members, who need a quick and efficient access to all of these information sources. Indeed researchers and supporting organizations are struggling to find the appropriate programme in a steadily increasing number of European funding initiatives.

The development of the Opportunity-Finder was first started by Euresearch, the Swiss access point to European research and innovation and the Swiss support for European business and innovation. Searchbox is a software company based in Switzerland specialized in enterprise search solutions and semantic technologies. Our cloud platform enables organizations of any sizes to instantly and automatically access, organize and sort through all their relevant information, whether publicly or privately available (intra/extranets).

* For more information regarding the pilot phase of the Opportunity-Finder, please visit, or contact directly Euresearch ( or Searchbox (