Please note that we no longer offer Searchbox as a hosted solution. We now offer it as an open-source software. Please check our github repository for the searchbox-framework. We continue to offer our Solr plugins.

Searchbox-Plugins for Solr

Searchbox-Plugins for Solr are readily available plugins which instantly enhance the capabilities of your existing Apache Solr search engine. For now we provide off-the-shelf plugins including Searchbox-Sense, Searchbox-Language Detection and others.  Searchbox-Plugins extend enterprise search engines and improve relevancy of search results or deliver additional features. Plugging into an existing Solr repository is done within minutes, greatly reducing any integration time. The plugins are packaged for English but do support most languages on request.

For additional technical documentation, tutorials or debugging and logging information: check-out our knowledge base.

Searchbox-Sense - Add semantics capability to your Solr server

Searchbox-Sense is a Solr plugin which instantly adds conceptual search and related content capabilities. With real-time results, no additional storage overhead and core based term definitions, Searchbox-Sense provides cutting edge results after a 5 minute install. Powered by expertly designed efficient semantic technology, Searchbox-Sense automatically suggests highly relevant related contents without the need to implement additional algorithms. To understand the added-value of Searchbox-Sense comparing to an existing Solr feature (MoreLikeThis or MLT), please download our whitepaper.

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Searchbox-Snippet - Automagically summarize large documents into one paragraph

The Searchbox-Snippet provides a short summary of the submitted text in order to display it in the search results. It works by concatenating a user specified number of sentences (three by default) from the text which most accurately summarizes the text. It always contains the first sentence, to provide context, and then iterates through each sentence determining if the proposed summary is a better representation than the last. In this fashion the next best sentence is chosen and appended. This processes continues upto the number selected by the user.

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Searchbox-Tagger - Extract keywords / tags from raw text

The Searchbox-Tagger plugin analyses the designated full-text fields and creates a tagging model which holds a list of possible tags with their relative importance. When a query is submitted, the search component quickly (< 80ms per document) identifies phrases which are important for the text and returns them in the Solr response. We also allow for a user specified boost file, which boosts the associated keywords by the user specified amount.

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Searchbox-Suggester - World class query completion / autocomplete plugin for Solr

The Searchbox-Suggester plugin analyses the designated full-text fields and creates a suggestion model which holds a list of possible phrase completions and their associated probability. When a query is submitted,  the search component quickly (< 50ms) identifies phrases which could be a completion for the query with the highest probability and returns them in the Solr response. We have taken great care to ensure that the parameters and workflow are very similar to the Solr Suggester so that a low learning curve and rapid installation are possible.

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